3 Reasons Why Should Watch Netflix’s New Classic ‘Lupin’

The weekend is approaching and something we all like to do during the weekend is binge watch. There is something so soothing and comforting about having your favourite meal and watching a whole season of something exciting and thrilling. Well for this weekend team GulfBuzz has your back! Here are three reasons why you should binge watch Netflix’s new classic, ‘Lupin’ this weekend.

Watch the trailer here:

It Is Only Five Episodes: 

The first part of this series is only five episodes, perfect for binging during the weekend. Get ready with your popcorn because you won’t be able to stop watching this!

Money Heist Lovers, This Ones For You:  

If you loved Netflix’s ‘Money Heist’, you will fall for this one as well! ‘Lupin’ is as exciting and thrilling as ‘Money Heist’ and will keep you intrigued till the very end!

The Main Lead Is Just OMG: 

Omar Sy who plays Assane Diop has given a memorizing performance in this show. Everything from his looks, dialogues and acting is just perfectly splendid!


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