How To Take Out The Stress From Cooking?

Cooking has now become nothing but a chore. Hence let’s talk about the term ‘Mise En Place’, to take some stress out of cooking. Mise En Place: it is a French term which means “putting into place”. Richard Robertson V, a private chef for Double R Catering LLC, on Long Island, New York, describes Mise En Place as: “It’s all about having everything you need for your recipe out ― washed, chopped and otherwise prepped, properly measured, in their places and ready to go.” And with that, you are, too.

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How To ‘Mise En Place’?

Plan What You Are Going To Make: If you are make something for dinner, start planning after lunch. Check what all you have in your house and what you can make from it. Also, keep in mind factors like time and effort, make something which suits your time and doesn’t interfere with anything else.

Be Ready With Everything: Make a list of all the ingredients that you are going to use and be ready with them. Peel and chop all the vegetables and herbs indeed for the recipe. Keep the ingredients in separate bowls so that you know what all you have done. If your serving your dish with some rich or tortillas, make sure to keep them ready as well.

Prepare Your Workspace: Clean your kitchen or working area, clean any utensils you know you will need while cooking. This will speed up the process and your meal will be ready in no time.


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