The Best Summer Desserts You Can DIY At Your Own Homes

While in quarantine, there’s not much that brings us pleasure. For most of us, life only revolves around work, home cleaning and cooking. To escape the gruesome monotony, many people are taking up hobbies like cooking, painting, or exploring new movies and TV shows. One of the things that brings happiness to many of us is food, but staying at home doesn’t involve a lot of outside food. But that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment in the kitchen to create something you like, right? Even if you’re a first time, we bet you can whip up some amazing creations. Now that summer is upon us, it’s time to discover desserts that you can easily prepare in your home. So let’s get started –

1. Popsicles

Summer is incomplete without popsicles. To give them a healthy twist, you can add fruits or yogurt or honey. Another tip – bring on some adult fun and add your favourite sparkling wine or champagne to make a boozy popsicle.

2. Mango Kulfi

The season of mango is also here and you can’t go wrong with a mango recipe. For this one, all you need is mangoes, fresh cream and milk powder.

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3. Fried Ice Cream

The only thing better than ice cream is fried ice cream. It’s incredibly easy to make and you’ll need ice cream (obviously), flour and crushed cornflakes (crushed biscuits/salted chips will also do).

4. Cucumber Mint Sorbet

Healthy and tasty, a cucumber mint sorbet is just what you need this summer.

5. Strawberry Panna Cotta

This one is super easy but will look no less than a chef’s preparation with the right kind of plating. So if you plan to impress your family with your skills, this one is what we recommend.

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