You Can Now Pay In Indian Rupees In UAE By Using The New Jaywan Card

Earlier this week UAE received a visit from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the inauguration of Baps Hindu Temple in Abu Dhabi. But PM Modi didn’t leave without leaving a little surprise behind for all his NRIs. The Jaywan Card was unveiled – this innovative card is not just any ordinary payment solution; it’s crafted on the robust digital RuPay credit and debit card platform specifically tailored for the UAE market. Here are all the details you need to know about how you’ll soon be able to pay Indian Rupees in UAE!

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Unlocking A New FinTech Era With Jaywan

Prime Minister Modi, in the buzzing atmosphere of Abu Dhabi during the launch, expressed the significance of this development. “We are stepping into a new FinTech era with the launch of my UPI RuPay card and your Jaywan card,” he stated enthusiastically.

Seamless Cross-Border Transactions

In a move to enhance the usage of RuPay cards in the UAE, the two nations inked agreements to link their instant payment platforms—India’s UPI and UAE’s AANI. This integration is expected to facilitate smoother cross-border transactions, boosting the acceptance of credit and debit RuPay cards in the Emirates.

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How Can You Get Your Own Jaywan Card

In the second quarter of 2024, Jaywan debit cards will be hitting the scene, and all UAE residents banking with local institutions are in line to receive one. No exceptions. In two years, expect everyone to have it. Negotiations between Al Etihad Payments and local partners will reveal which banks take the lead. So stay tuned to when your local bank rolls out the Jaywan cards; you can then easily apply for one on their online portal/website. And when it comes time for your current debit card to expire, expect a Jaywan replacement. It’s all going to be as simple as that.

Secure Transactions with RuPay Cards

RuPay cards have gained trust across India due to their advanced security features. Equipped with a chip for secure transactions and an embedded microprocessor circuit containing cardholder information, RuPay cards ensure a safe and reliable payment experience.

Insights From Financial Experts About Jaywan

To delve deeper into the details of how UAE residents, especially Indians, can apply for Jaywan, Khaleej Times consulted financial experts. Vijay Valecha, the Chief Investment Officer of Century Financial, and Yusuf Mansawala, the Chief Market Analyst at CPT Markets, Dubai, shared insights. This collaboration means that RuPay cards issued in India can seamlessly be used in the UAE, eliminating the hassle of currency conversion.

For those who will soon have a Jaywan card in hand, Dubai will become a treasure trove of experiences. Whether it’s shows, concerts, gigs, or dining options, the city offers a plethora of opportunities to explore and enjoy.

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