Are You An Indian Passport Holder Applying For A Dubai Tourist Visa? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Dubai definitely has an array of visa options tailored to satisfy a diverse number of traveller needs, ensuring a smooth entry process. There are also a large number of benefits for Indian passport holders who are trying to apply for Dubai tourist visas. So, today we’re going to get into all the visa and travel insurance options that are available to Indians in Dubai, that will help ease all your travel worries. Here are your golden tickets to indulge in a seamless holiday in Dubai, where you soak up all the extravagance the city has to offer you. Let’s get started.

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Visa-Free Options For Indian Citizens

So the answer to your big question on ‘whether Indians need a visa for Dubai’ is yes. But, if you possess a valid US, UK, Schengen visa, or similar, you’re in luck! You won’t need a separate Dubai visa. Instead, you can step into Dubai directly from the mentioned countries by completing a simple visa-on-arrival form once you land in the country. This privilege grants you a stay of up to two weeks, making your entry fuss-free and seamless. You also have the option to further extend your on arrival visa for another two weeks with a fee of AED 600. This is according to the General Directorate of residence and foreign Affairs, Dubai website (GDRFAD).

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Essential Documents You Will Require

Before you embark on your Dubai adventure, make sure you’ve got the necessary documents in your travel arsenal:

  • A coloured photograph of the applicant.
  • A coloured copy of your passport (valid for at least six months).
  • An original application form.
  • Copies of your tickets.
  • Proof of your financial capacity.

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A Breakdown Of Everything You Need To Know As An Indian Passport Holder Applying For A Dubai Tourist Visa

Dubai’s Diverse Visa Options

Now if you don’t hold a valid US, UK, Schengen visa not all is lost. You still have a plethora of Visa options that you can enter Dubai, UAE with:

  • Visit Visa: Visit Visas are applicable for 30 days and it can be extended for 60 days.
  • Tourist Visa/Business Visa: Business visas are applicable for 14 days and it cannot be extended, whereas Tourist visas can be extended
  • Tourist Visa: This type of Visa is applicable for 30 days and it cannot be extended
  • Transit Visa for 96-hours: If Tourists are planning for short duration visit which less than 4 days, then they can apply for this Visa
  • 5-Year Multi-Entry Visa: This type of Visa is valid for 90 days With this Visa traveler can stay for longer duration and can visit for multiple times.

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Navigating Visa Fees

Dubai’s visa fees for Indian citizens are as follows:

  • 96 hours: AED 110.19
  • 48 hours: AED 36.73
  • Tourist Visa short-term (single entry): AED 330.57
  • Tourist Visa short-term (multiple entry): AED 499.43
  • Tourist Long-Term Visa (single entry): AED 650.12
  • Tourist Long-Term Visa (multiple entry): AED 848.46

Simple Steps To Apply For Your Dubai Tourist Visa

Ready to get your Dubai tourist visa? Here’s how:

  1. Download the application form from VFS Global.
  2. Gather all the required documents.
  3. Head to your nearest VFS Global visa application centre to submit your application.

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A Breakdown Of Everything You Need To Know As An Indian Passport Holder Applying For A Dubai Tourist Visa

Swift Visa Processing

Dubai’s visa processing is a breeze, taking approximately 3 to 4 working days. You’ll be on your way to Dubai’s enchanting wonders in no time!

The Next Important Aspect – Travel Insurance

Dubai welcomes you with open arms, but it’s wise to have a safety net in the form of travel insurance. It’s not just a requirement; it’s your shield against unexpected mishaps. With medical expenses that can reach the heights of Dubai’s skyscrapers, having reliable Dubai travel insurance is your lifeline.

Why You Need Travel Insurance

Your travel insurance covers a range of scenarios:

  • Personal Accidents: Unexpected mishaps are covered.
  • Medical Expenses: Don’t worry about medical costs during your trip.
  • Luggage complications: Lost luggage or delays? Your insurance has you covered.
  • Flight Hiccups: Delayed or canceled flights? Your insurance steps in.

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A Breakdown Of Everything You Need To Know As An Indian Passport Holder Applying For A Dubai Tourist Visa

And Now Its Time To Enjoy The Party

Now that you have the knowledge to successful secure your tourist Visa for Dubai, all that is left is to book your tickets and enjoy the journey. Pack your bags and get ready to unforgettable holiday. And if you need to inspiration on what to do while you’re here, we have a fully planned 5-day Dubai Itinerary to get your started. Happy traveling everyone!

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