WTO Report: Saudi Arabia Becomes Most Visited Arab Country In The World In 2022

According to new figures released by the World Tourism Organisation (WTO), Saudi Arabia has become the most visited country in the Arab world in 2022, followed by the UAE in the second place & Morocco at third place.

Survey Results 

Survey results by the WTO have shown that Saudi Arabia was the most visited Arab country by tourists so far in 2022, with a whopping over 18 million tourists. At the second spot was the UAE with 14.8 million tourists, and Morocco made it to the third spot with 11 million tourists.

Below are the remaining results of the survey:

Syria – 8.5 million tourists
Tunisia – 5.7 million tourists
Egypt – 5.2 million tourists
Bahrain – 4.3 million tourists
Jordan – 3.5 million tourists

Next came Algeria, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, Palestine and Kuwait was at the last spot with 203,000 tourists.

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