Work Permit Essential For Golden Visa Holders Even If They’re Employed In Public Sector

Credits: Pixabay

Recently, the UAE government gave Golden Visas to people who were eligible for it. But do you still need a work permit to work at a private company in the UAE? To answer this question, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) wrote on Twitter: “Kindly be informed that every employee must have a valid work permit along with the residence visa to render his or her services to the establishment under private sector.”

MOHRE clarified that this permit is given in three cases:

  1. Individuals who were not working at the time of getting the Golden Visa if they wish to work for an employer.

2. When a current employer wishes to renew the work permit and contract for the holders of the Golden Visa after the expiry of the work permit.

3. When a Golden Visa employee joins a new job with another employer.

The same procedures would be followed by the Ministry when issuing work permits if the worker has a Golden Visa sponsored by his or her family member.