Why Is Everyone Obsessing Over LOVE IS BLIND?

LOVE IS BLIND is the new NETFLIX original reality series taking the UAE by storm. This addictive series is all about finding your soul mate by participating in a social experiment where single men and women look for love and get engaged, all before meeting in person!

Here are seven reasons why we can’t stop obsessing over LOVE IS BLIND!

1. It’s about finding love:

This series gives its participants a chance to find love by interacting with people without actually seeing them in person. The format of the series allows them to look beyond the physical features and fall for each other on the basis of who they truly are from the inside.

2. Who cares how they look!:

Since they don’t see each other until they are engaged, it doesn’t matter how they look, what race they are, how much money they have, and all other material aspects that we tend to focus on when entering into a relationship.

3. The magic of romance:

We all love a good love story where two people meet and fall for each other despite all odds and live happily ever after. In this series we see people gravitate towards each other and fall in love, with each couple having their own unique story to tell.

4. Oh the drama!:

Each participant has a chance of forming a connection with every other participant, which at times leads to cross connections and love triangles, resulting in drama keeping us at the edge of our seats at every episode.

5. Stunning cast:

Even though the show is about finding love without considering the physical aspects, we don’t mind that the cast is super gorgeous, filled with good looking men and women.

6. Exotic locations:

What can be better than luxury vacations at exotic destinations! Even though we are not there with them, we can live it through them!

7. The beautiful background scores:

Like most NETFLIX originals this series is also full of brilliant songs and catchy music playing in the background, making the entire watching experience even more fun!


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