Ripley’s Believe It or Not Is Now Open In Dubai

Its time to be weird, wacky & wonderful as Ripley’s Believe It or Not opens its doors in Dubai making it the regions first such site. Located in Global Village the attraction features over 150 unbelievable artefacts from six galleries housing a unique collection of oddities.

Get mesmerised at the Robert Ripley’s Tribal or Test your flexibly & try to fit into a cubical box.  Car enthusiasts take a picture in front  of the world’s only fully-wooden Ferrari.

If you are a  space fan then you can find artefacts that have been flown in outer-space or get a picture and  see where you stand in front of the tallest man to ever live at the Human Oddities. They also havre a magical studio to show of your magical skills even if you don’t have one 😛 Get ready for mind-boggling visual illusions  & an array of the most unusual stuff at this funky attraction.  The tickets to this crazy attraction are priced at AED 40 so its time to tag your weird and wacky friends.  


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