What To Do If Your Children Are Fighting?

Staying inside this year has been hard on everyone, and the most suffering ones are children. Spending your spring and summer is not easy for anyone. It is pretty frustrating to not play and just sit inside and do nothing. So it is natural for siblings to fight with each other. And these fights and quarrels get pretty wild if the kids are frustrated. So here’s what you can do about it.

Don’t interfere: 

If they are fighting about something small or trivial such as the TV remote, then you as a parent should not bother at all. Let them handle their fight on their own. As long as they are not breaking anything, they will be just fine in no time.


If you notice a pattern in their fights, that is if they keep fighting for the same thing again and again, then find a solution for it. If you see them fighting for the TV remote again and again, then make a TV schedule. Agreed, you can do such a thing for everything, but do whatever you can.

Talk to them:

Try to explain them about what is going on outside and the whole situation. Tell them everything if they are old enough to understand. A world wide pandemic is not an easy thing to explain to a child but you can tell them something. Children do take time to understand things, but if you explain them with patience and love, they will understand you for sure.


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