A Guide On What To Do If You Are Spending Christmas Inside

The holiday season is upon us! This year since everything was different, holidays and festivals are also different. Staying inside has become something so common. But staying inside doesn’t mean that you cannot have fun. So here are some tips for you on how to make your Christmas this year fun (even if you are staying inside).


Decide on a menu days before the holiday. Try cooking with everyone in your family. This will ensure some family bonding time and everyone will wait for the food to be served! Excitement and happiness for eating good food is what makes the holiday season so special and unique, don’t let that fade away!

Dress Code: 

While planning the menu and the decorations, also plan a dress code. Hence you could ask everyone in your house to wear something nice and new and then have food together. Since the pandemic we have forgotten that there are other things to wear except for sweatpants and shorts, this could be the day to dress up and have some fun!

Games and Carols: 

No festival is complete without doing the most obvious things of that particular festival. Hence for Christmas, it is singing carols. Well it is true that we cannot go outside caroling but we can definitely sing some at home. Make a carol playlist and include all the favourite carols of all people in your house. Another thing that you could do are games. You could plan some party games, or cards, or may be some board games.

This year definitely has been difficult but that does not mean we should stop having fun. Happy Holidays!


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