#GulfBuzzHack: Unlock Your Way To Big Savings With UAE’s Best Price Comparison App Chum!

Let’s be honest: living life anywhere in the UAE may come with its glitz and glamour, but it definitely doesn’t come without all those hefty household expenses. You know exactly what I’m talking about – groceries, cleaning supplies, tech gadgets, and more, all demanding a large portion of your paycheck. But today I bring you a game-changing Life hack: Chum, a price comparison app, will be your new best friend in the world of smart shopping. Say goodbye to the days of scouring multiple websites for the best deals, because Chum has got you covered. This app simplifies your shopping experience by helping you find the products you need at the best prices, all in one place. Here is everything you need to know about your new best bud – Chum!

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Your Shopping Companion

Chum, the go-to app for smart shoppers, is designed to make your life easier. It’s your go-to tool for finding products and comparing prices from various stores, ensuring you get the best possible deal. Whether you’re stocking up your fridge or shopping for other essentials, Chum’s got your back.

#GulfBuzzHack: Unlock Your Way To Big Savings With UAE's Best Price Comparison App Chum!

How Does It Work? – How To Save Your Time & Money

We all usually have a go-to shopping app when it comes to buying something new like a mobile phone or a laptop. Some of us will either prefer to buy it from our favorite apps (without checking if it is actually the best price) or some of us might spend hours trying to find the best prices on the Internet. 

Chum displays prices and deals for millions of shopping products, so that you can compare instantly and choose where to shop from. One can save even 1000s of dirhams by comparing prices on Chum.

When you are shopping for something more frequent like groceries, Chum offers a user-friendly solution. You can add all your desired items to your cart and then effortlessly compare prices across different supermarkets. No more jumping between websites or physically visiting multiple stores to find the best deals. Chum simplifies the process and helps you make choices that save you money.

Chum is all about saving you money and time. With options like single-select or multi-select, you can choose the most cost-effective items for your grocery list and place orders from multiple supermarkets, all within a few clicks.

#GulfBuzzHack: Unlock Your Way To Big Savings With UAE's Best Price Comparison App Chum!

Imagine this: You’ve added 10 items to your cart, and Carrefour offers better deals on five of them while Union Coop is cheaper for the other five. With Chum, you can select the cheaper options from both Carrefour and Union Coop, optimising your savings. It’s like having your personal shopping assistant that’s always looking out for your wallet.

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One app for Shopping, Groceries & Travel 

Chum doesn’t stop at providing savings on shopping and groceries. It’s a versatile app that also provides a travel comparison feature. If you’re planning your next getaway, you can use Chum to discover the best deals on flights, hotels, and car rentals. It’s your one-stop shop for comparing prices and securing the best travel options.

#GulfBuzzHack: Unlock Your Way To Big Savings With UAE's Best Price Comparison App Chum!

Deals & Discounts, All In One Place

Chum also keeps you in the loop with its deals category. Some e-commerce players frequently drop prices on popular products for a limited time. If you can keep track of these deals, you could save a whopping 60-70 per cent.

For instance, Chum might show you a Microsoft Surface Pro Laptop sold by Noon with a price drop of over 60 per cent. But it doesn’t stop there; Chum displays price drops from multiple players like Sharaf DG, Amazon, Carrefour, Emax, and Jumbo.

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Expanding Across Borders

Chum’s popularity isn’t confined to the UAE alone. They’ve recently launched their app in KSA, making it easier for travellers to get the best flight and hotel fares. And the other saving options like deals and shopping will be launching soon.

Join The Chum Community

With over 100,000 app downloads in the UAE, Chum is more than just an app; it’s a community of savvy shoppers. You can be part of this community, saving money and time while enjoying the best deals and discounts on the market. Say goodbye to the hassle of researching prices across various shopping apps and embrace the future of shopping with Chum.

Chum: Where saving money and time meets smart shopping. Your wallet will thank you, and so will your precious time. Download Chum today and join the shopping revolution!

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