UAE’s First Drive Through Blood Test Service Opens In Dubai

In another revolutionary move, UAE has opened its first drive through blood test service in Dubai, launched in cooperation with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). Any customer can now undergo drive-through blood tests, as recommended by the treating physician, so long as the customer has an approved laboratory test application. UAE has been constantly raising its medicare standards, and we are here for it. In fact, just recently UAE Gots Its First Hospital In The Metaverse.

Dubai’s Drive-Through Blood Test Service

The new service will be provided by Unilabs in collaboration with the United Medical Center (UMC) in Dubai. The top notch service will make it easier for consumers to access medical services and improve quality of life, while simultaneously strengthening the healthcare system.

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Dr Marwan Al Mulla, CEO of the Health Regulation Sector at the DHA, said, “The authority has always been committed to fostering its collaboration with the private health sector to benefit from the immense potential that private health entities may bring, thus upgrading the level of services provided within a competitive environment that strikes a balance between the interests of the service providers and customers.”

Mohammed Daoud, CEO of Unilabs Middle East, said, “The country’s health care and diagnostic laboratory sectors are rapidly thriving and flourishing like never before. We, therefore, reaffirm our steadfast commitment to making the most of all our technical resources and expertise to support the laboratory system’s production capacity and keep it up to standard.”

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