UAE Summer Heating Up Your Car? Here Are 5 Tips That Will Help!

The summer season is at its peak in the UAE and it is not going anywhere for a few more months. Since during the peak summers, the cooling system has to work at its maximum capacity, it increases the load on the car. A lot of people have been complaining that their cars are heating up like crazy and some have even been saying that they are catching fire, literally! So here are 5 tips that will help you to prepare your car for UAE summer:

Open Your Door Or Windows:

Of course, don’t leave your entire window open but you can keep it open a little on both sides. Cross ventilation helps to cool down your car massively. If this is not something you wish to do, leave your door open for about 10 to 15 seconds before you get into your car, this will let the trapped hot air out of your car.

Car Battery: 

First of all your car battery should be up to date. A heated engine and high temperatures tend to weaken your car battery even faster. Replace the battery if it is more than 3 years old or just simply get it tested and keep up with its regular maintenance.

Car Tyres: 

Use only trusted brand-named and approved tyres. Avoid using fittings that can be subpar and potentially hazardous. Regular expert tyre inspections are necessary, especially if you have any concerns. At least once a month, if possible, check the pressure on your tyres.

Credits: Pixabay

AC Unit In The Car: 

To ensure that it can keep you cool even during the hottest part of the summer, you should have the air conditioning unit in your automobile tested and serviced each spring. Be careful to particularly get the refrigerant pressure checked because refrigerant leaks might impair the cooling capacity of your air conditioner.

Leather Seats: 

Though leather seats are quite popular in the UAE, they absorb a LOT of heat. If you are someone who has leather seats on your car, get some different fabric covers for them. These fabric covers are even available for your steering wheel, they keep the surfaces cool during the heat.

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