There Is A New Breakfast In The Sky Experience In Dubai & You Have To Try It Out

Dubai, the city of dreams and daring ventures has just unleashed a thrilling escapade that will make your heart race and taste buds dance. Imagine floating through the crisp morning air, watching the sunrise, and indulging in a delectable gourmet breakfast—all from the comfort of a private hot air balloon basket. This is not just a daydream; it’s your next extraordinary adventure. Come with me on the stupendous journey through the sky to know all the fab details.

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Embarking On A Journey Like Never Before

Picture this: you and a cherished companion suspended in a beautifully adorned hot air balloon, gently drifting amidst the vast canvas of the sky. This bespoke adventure promises an intimate escape, perfect for couples seeking a moment of serenity and connection or friends you want to share a yummy meal and some good laughs together. Your private haven aloft is adorned with elegant furnishings, plush seating, and opulent touches, creating an atmosphere of sheer indulgence.

The Morning Sky Unfolds Like A Masterpiece

As you ascend higher, the world below unfolds like a masterpiece. Glide over rolling landscapes, picturesque valleys, and tranquil waterways, each moment painted with the soft hues of dawn’s first light. Your experienced pilot ensures a smooth journey, sharing insights into the art of ballooning and narrating tales of the landscape beneath you.

Gourmet Breakfast In The Sky

Savour a gourmet breakfast delicately prepared and presented with utmost attention to detail—all while suspended in the sky. Your taste buds will dance to the symphony of flavours, heightened by the crisp morning air and breathtaking views. The journey to 4000 feet in the air is peaceful and exhilarating; you have to experience it to truly understand.

The breakfast in the sky includes fresh juice, tea/coffee, fresh fruits, a bread basket, assorted jams, yogurt, and other tasty delights. We don’t want to spoil the surprise, so you’ll just have to try it for yourself.

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Important Information To Know For Your Seamless Sky Adventure

Before you embark on this unforgettable journey, please note:

  • The activity is for two people only.
  • Fill out their waiver form 24 hours before the flight, which you can find on their website.
  • Carry a valid ID.
  • Transfers are available from various locations in Dubai.
  • Participants must be reasonably fit, weigh less than 120 kg, and not pregnant.
  • Strict rules apply for individuals with heart problems, recent injuries, height phobias, and certain disabilities.
  • Private transportation from remote areas is available at an additional cost.
  • No drones are allowed during the flight.

Redeem Your Tickets With Ease

To redeem your voucher, have it handy and be ready for your pick-up on time. Approach a representative, display your voucher for verification, and once confirmed, relax and enjoy the ride.

Book Your Breathtaking Adventure Now

For bookings, Call/WhatsApp +971 42087222, Email, or visit their website. Prepare for a breakfast experience that elevates your senses and takes you to new heights!

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