Take Your Furry Friend At This Luxury Cat Hotel For A Staycation

Cats think they are royalty, and for royalty luxury is important. Hence Pawsome Pets, a pet relocation company based in Dubai has recently announced the opening of a luxury hotel for cats! Established in Dubai’s Al Quoz taking up the vast space of 4000 sq ft it is the perfect place for your furry companion.

In just AED 80 you will get food, bedding and supervision. This is basically a staycation for your cat! They can even help you with pet relocation services like documentation, flights arranging pet transports and hotel options.

“We know pets and their owners, and we have noticed a gap in the market to provide a quiet, relaxing ‘zen’ space for cats within Dubai. With carefully thought out and very spacious condos, our cattery offers large sleeping and living areas, cosy hiding spaces, scratching posts, toys, and of course lots of one on one attention from our animal-loving team,” said the owner Kirsty Kavanagh.

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