All About Cutting Down On Sugar

It is said that sugar addiction is as addictive as any drug addiction. There is a thing called ‘sugar rush’, which means to crave sugar so bad that you cannot control it. But sugar is not all bad. But again you cannot altogether stop sugar since all-natural foods like fruits, rice, wheat etc contain sugar. What you can do is cut down on it, so here are a few ways to cut down on sugar:

Added and Natural Sugar: 

So many fruits and vegetables have sugar in them, which doesn’t make it bad for you to eat. Our bodies process this natural sugar differently since they have added nutrients as well. Added sugar is in all processed food, so choose wisely the next time you have a sugar rush.

Try To Add More Natural Foods In Your Diet: 

Instead of adding a ton of sugar to a cake or pie, you are about to bake, add some very sweet fruit. Since fruit contains fibre, the sugar is slowly absorbed into your bloodstream, which means that it is less likely to get collected somewhere in your body. An apple pie or strawberry shortcake is as good as a chocolate cake!

Cut Down On Foods Which Have A High Sugar Content: 

Beverages like sodas and juices have very high sugar content in them. They spike up your blood sugar levels very fast. So try to cut down on them as much as possible.


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