RTA Reveals ’20-Minute City’ Plans For Dubai

The Dubai RTA has set the wheels in motion for a transformative journey with its freshly updated strategic plan spanning from 2024 to 2030. This ambitious blueprint aligns seamlessly with Dubai’s grand vision of becoming the world’s premier city for living, as outlined in the Dubai Urban Plan 2040 and the overarching UAE Government Vision, ‘We the UAE 2031’. Here are all the details you need to know.

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Strategic Goals: Paving The Way For A 20-Minute City

RTA’s Strategic Plan revolves around five key goals that emphasise innovation and integration in mobility. The primary focus is on crafting a 20-minute city where 80% of daily services are within a 20-minute reach by walking or cycling. The plan zeroes in on enhancing accessibility, integrating multi-modal transport, expanding mobility services, and implementing smart mobility solutions.

Sustainability At The Core

The strategic plan takes a bold stand on sustainability with the ‘Zero-Emissions Public Transportation in Dubai 2050’ strategy. RTA aims to be the first in the Middle East to migrate toward Net-Zero Emission Public Transport. The plan envisions converting 100% of taxis and limousines to electric and hydrogen vehicles by 2040, with the entire public transport bus fleet going green by 2050, pushing for a 42.5% sustainable transportation mark by 2030.

Ensuring Safety & Security

Beyond the roads and vehicles, the plan extends its arms to encompass safety, security, and customer happiness. RTA’s commitment includes promoting transportation safety, securing assets, and enhancing occupational health.

Dubai’s RTA is steering towards a future where the city’s heartbeat syncs with innovation, sustainability, and the happiness of its people. Buckle up; the journey has just begun!

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