11 Reasons You Need To Visit Khor Fakkan In The UAE For Your Next Road Trip

I hope all my road trip lovers are reading this article today because this one is especially for you. I’ve curated a list of the top 11 spots around KhorFakkan that you need to tick off your next road trip bucket list. From golden sand beaches to illuminated Roman-inspired architecture. This mountainside drive will be one you’ll never forget. So, grab your travel buddies, pack the car and get ready for an adventure like no other.

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1. Al Rufaisah Dam

Al Rufaisah Dam is set in a picturesque location, surrounded by natural landscapes that offer peace and tranquility away from urban centers. The scenic views of the water against the backdrop of rugged mountains and lush greenery make it an ideal spot for photography and nature appreciation.

2. Shees Park Rest Area

Set amidst the rugged terrain of the Hajar Mountains along the Khorfakkan-Sharjah Road. This area is designed to be a family-friendly leisure destination. It features 58 shops offering a variety of goods, including groceries, carpets, travel tools, perfumes, and more, along with several restaurants and cafés.

3. Khorfakkan Fountains Square

The Fountains Square is a beautifully landscaped area known for its impressive fountains and welcoming atmosphere. This square is particularly noted for its roundabout park setup, making it an ideal spot for picnics or evening strolls. The square features four entrances and is adorned with fountains that are beautifully illuminated at night, adding to the charm of the place​. 

4. Al Suhub Rest Area

Renowned for its picturesque setting and offers stunning views of the Gulf of Oman and the surrounding landscape. This spot is especially popular because it’s situated on a hill it gives visitors the perfect panoramic view. They also have a cafe for some quick and tasty bites while you rest.

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5. Najd Al Maqsar Village

Najd Al Maqsar is a village area in Sharjah. This particular village, like many others in the region, reflects the traditional lifestyles and architectural styles that have been characteristic of the Arabian Peninsula for centuries. These villages often offer a glimpse into the past, showcasing traditional housing, local agriculture, and community practices.

6. Khorfakkan Waterfall

A stunning man-made attraction located on a natural cliff overlooking the Khorfakkan Corniche. This impressive waterfall is about 43 meters above sea level, 45 meters long, and 11 meters wide. You can admire the waterfall from multiple viewing points, including from the top, where there’s a cave that houses a restaurant, offering a spectacular view of the bay and the cascading waters.

7. Khorfakkan Amphitheater

This Roman-style open-air amphitheatre incorporates traditional Roman architectural elements, featuring a semi-circular shape with tiered seating, which enhances acoustics and provides excellent views of the stage from all angles. With a backdrop of the Hajar Mountains and proximity to the Arabian Sea, it is a scenic and attractive spot for both locals and tourists.

8. Khorfakkan Beach

This picturesque beach is nestled between the Arabian Sea and the mountains of the Hajar range. Popular for its clean, golden sand and clear blue waters – It’s a favourite spot for families and tourists alike, offering various recreational activities such as swimming, snorkelling, and other water sports.

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9. Al Adwani Tower

Al Adwani Tower is a historical landmark in Khorfakkan. Originally built in 1623 as a lighthouse, the tower played a crucial role in guiding ships entering Khorfakkan Port. It was constructed by Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamood Al Adwani Qasimi. However, the tower was destroyed in 1985 to facilitate urban expansion but has since been reconstructed in its original location to preserve its historical significance.

10. The Resistance Monument

The Resistance Monument, also known as the Wahat Al Karama (Oasis of Dignity), is a war memorial and monument. It was built to honour the Emirati soldiers who lost their lives in the service of their country. The monument features a prominent architectural design consisting of 31 massive aluminium-clad tablets, each leaning on the other, symbolizing solidarity and unity among the UAE’s armed forces and its people. At the heart of Wahat Al Karama is the Pavilion of Honor, which houses the names of all the soldiers recognized at the site engraved on the interior panels.

11. Al Rabi Tower

It’s known for its scenic location and serves as a popular tourist attraction, offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. The tower is situated on a hill, providing a vantage point to view the town of Khor Fakkan, its coastline, and the nearby Hajar Mountains. The area is also a popular spot for hiking and enjoying nature.

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