New Secret Beach In Sharjah You Don’t Want To Miss!

Winter months in the UAE are a blessing. Days are less sunny hence evenings have become cooler and more pleasant. This secret beach in Sharjah could become your new family picnic spot.

For starters this beach gives you the experience of both a mountain and a beach. Since this beach is at a height of 400ft, you have to hike for a certain amount of time to reach there. The hike take just two to three hours or three kilometers to complete and in between you will see many gorgeous sites. The beach is called Mt. Al Rabi peak and the Al Rabi hike path in Khorfakkan takes you to it.

From the top, you can enjoy the amazing view and the city lights also. A great time to go on this is hike is three to fours hours before sunset, hence you will enjoy the gorgeous view of the sunset.

Everything from the starting of the hike to the resting spots at the top is free, so if you want to have a good weekend but are low on budget, this is your thing! If you happen to go there on rainy day or it rains when you have reached the top, you will experience beautiful waterfalls as well.

At the top there is a high probability that you will not get mobile network, so if you are looking to take a quick break from your busy city life, this is it. Even the noises here are just of nature, you will only hear the sounds of winds and waves. This beach is very quiet and tucked away from the city because it is still not very famous.


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