NCEMA Has Issued Guidelines for Christmas, New Year’s Eve and National Day

The end of this year is around the corner which means that National Day, Christmas and New Year’s Eve is also. But things like social distancing and other safety measures have to be kept in mind before any kind of celebrations. Hence the UAE government has issued some new safety guidelines for the end of the year celebrations.


The National Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Authority (NCEMA) has announced a lot of precautionary guidelines in order to control the spread of Covid 19, some of which are:

“Concerts can be held only after receiving approval from authorities and only with the application of all precautionary measures.”

“In addition, workplace celebrations are cancelled and restricted to the hanging of decorations, flags and banners only, while gatherings to watch shows such as fireworks are not permitted.”

“On the topic of public health, we stress the need to wear masks, to carry out necessary temperature checks, to adhere to personal hygiene, to train workers at recreational venues on health and safety guidelines, and to apply preventive measures when serving food and drinks.”

“For physical distancing, the rules stress the importance of maintaining a distance of two meters between people.”

“They also mention that private parties and gatherings are not allowed, areas for the isolation of sick individuals must be provided and entry and exit routes at all facilities should be clearly marked using posters.”

“The rules stress the need for everyone to follow existing safety measures, not to hold gatherings or marches, prohibit the circulation, distribution/exchange of celebratory gifts & food and call for the appointment of a person to monitor and enforce all health & safety measures.”

“The rules recommend holding remote digital celebrations only and encourage reservations in advance for approved events lasting no more than 3-4 hours.”

“Regarding cleaning and sterilization, the rules call for continuous cleaning and sterilization each hour for all public facilities.”

All these guidelines were taken from The National Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Authority (NCEMA) twitter account.


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