Mirchi Neon Run Is Happening This February & Terra Solis Will Host The Ultimate After Race Extravaganza

Strap on those neon sneakers, because the Skechers Mirchi Neon Run is turning up the wattage! I’m talking about a run that makes your heartbeat sync with the bass, and your footsteps groove to the rhythm. And guess what? After all your sweat and hard work the fun doesn’t stop there, that’s right Terra Solis is turning up the heat (or should I say mirchi) with their after race extravaganza. Here are all the fab details you need to know about the Mirchi Neon Run happening this February!

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Run Into The Beat

Picture this: a 3km run that’s not just a jog, but a neon-fueled dance party in disguise! Embark on this 3km journey filled with a pulsating wave of fitness activities, setting the stage for the ultimate party experience! Immerse yourself in the Neon Colors Everywhere experience! The entire venue will be awash with vibrant neon shades, making it a feast for the eyes.

Terra Solis’ After Race Neon Explosion

As the clock hits 8 PM, witness Terra Solis undergo a spectacular makeover. Neon lights will steal the show, enveloping the venue in a radiant glow. The vibe will shift from an energetic run to an all-out neon extravaganza, electrifying every nook and cranny of Terra Solis.

Top DJs To Take Over The Party

Dance the night away with a stellar lineup of the UAE’s finest DJs, ensuring the party vibes stay alive and the crowd keeps moving. The post-run spectacle promises a visual feast! Neon hues will blaze across the venue, from T-shirts to glow bands, creating an immersive and visually stunning environment.

Mark your calendars for February 2nd and get your hot tickets right here on platinumlist. Doors swing open at 5 PM and won’t close until 3 AM. Get ready to experience a night you never saw coming – see you on the dancefloor!

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