A luxury Hotel Exclusively For Small Dogs Is Opening In Dubai

Anybody who grew up in Dubai would know that they used to be extremely strict when it came to pets, most especially dogs. There were only a small handful of places where you could take your dog out in public. But now Dubai has almost transformed itself with its incredible acceptance of the pet community. There is now a huge number of places you can take your pets, both indoors and outdoors. And not to mention pet-friendly hotels that exist in Dubai now, too. The newest edition to the pet-friendly scene is a luxury doggy boarding experience. This renowned pet boarding company introduces their brand-new boarding facility named “Little Gems by My Second Home.” Here is everything you need to know about leaving your pets in great care and in the most stylish way.

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Where Canine Dreams Come True

Nestled within Dubai Investments Park 2 (DIP 2), this canine paradise is scheduled to welcome its first guests just in time for Christmas. Picture this: a sprawling area spanning 46,000 square feet, with a generous 35,000 square feet allocated for indoor play and relaxation. This hotel isn’t just a place to stay—it’s a tailored haven for little pooches.

A luxury Hotel Exclusively For Small Dogs Is Opening In Dubai - My Second Home

Tailored Luxury for Petite Pups

This is the third resort under the Little Gem brand, designed to make your dog feel like a true gem. Beyond cozy boarding, this place is rolling out the red carpet with special pick-up and drop-off services exclusively for small dogs. As part of a $10 million expansion, they’re crafting an exclusive daycare and boarding space exclusively for small dogs, set to open in December. It’s a direct response to the wishes of pet parents—especially those with toy dogs and petite spaniels. With indoor aquatic features, relaxation nooks, and vast play zones, this new venture is a slice of doggy heaven.

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From Humble Beginnings To Canine Royalty

The story began in 2015 when My Second Home unveiled its first resort in DIP. Their vision? To provide a five-star experience for dogs without the cages. Fast forward to 2021, they proudly opened another location in Al Quoz, featuring a luxury cattery and even a daycare for those energetic wagging tails. This new spot boasts not just indoor and outdoor swimming pools, but also a canine playground paradise where your fur babies can make friends and splash around.

A luxury Hotel Exclusively For Small Dogs Is Opening In Dubai - My Second Home

Paw-sitively Responding To The Times

As Sean Parker, the General Manager of My Second Home, shared, the surge in pet ownership during the pandemic had been notable—especially for smaller dog breeds and cats. In response to this growing demand, they’ve expanded their boarding suites. At their DIP and Al Quoz facilities combined, they can now accommodate 250 dogs and 40 cats, ensuring that each furry guest receives top-notch care.

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A Day In The Life Of My Second Home

Every single day, My Second Home buzzes with the vibrant energy of around 300 dogs. Their boarding, daycare, grooming, and training facilities come together to create a haven where tails wag and friendships bloom. The original venue, sprawling across 63,000 square feet, boasts the world’s largest indoor free-play dog park, not one but three pools, and expansive outdoor off-leash areas. Their second location, spanning 30,000 square feet, mirrors the same quality and services. And now, their third venue, an impressive 46,000 square feet in total, embraces 35,000 square feet of cozy indoor space.

Get Ready For Tail Wags & Doggy Smiles

So there you have it—a tail-wagging, doggy-smiling preview of the upcoming Little Gems by My Second Home. With unparalleled facilities designed for small dogs, this is more than just a hotel. It’s a haven of comfort, luxury, and fun, promising an unforgettable experience for your beloved four-legged family member. Get ready to witness the joy of your furry friend as they embark on their own unforgettable getaway!

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A luxury Hotel Exclusively For Small Dogs Is Opening In Dubai - My Second Home

Little Gems By My Second Home Quick Deets

Quick Deets
Location: Dubai Investment Park – 2 – Dubai
Contact: 04 881 8002
Visit their website for more information.
Opening soon in December

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