Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Last minute Christmas shopping is the absolute worst. Most stores already are out of the things you need and this does nothing but trigger your anxiety. So here we are with amazing Christmas gift ideas that you will easily find online and in stores as well.

1. Over sized hoodies:

This year we have forgotten about clothes like jeans and shirts. People spend most of their times these days in sweatpants and hoodies. So a soft, warm and a bit over sized hoodie could be the perfect gift for your loved one.

2. Mini Projector:

Many people including me really miss going to the movies this year. Enjoying some soda and popcorn with a good movie is like the ultimate weekend thing to do. Hence a mini projector is something simply wonderful. You can play the movie on your laptop or on your mobile and then connect your device to the projector. If you have a white wall or a white bedsheet, project the movie on it and it will be just like the cinemas.

3. Scented Candles:

Planning to read a book during the weekend? Or planning to have a silent dinner? Scented candles can change this experience so much! Scented candles can turn the simplest of the experiences into something soothing and calming.

4. Bath Bombs:

Enjoying a hot water bath with some bath bombs can help you relax so much. Everyday of this year has been nothing but stressful, bath bombs can help your loved to relax and enjoy something as simple as a bath.

5. Long Distance Friendship and Relationship Lamp:

Missing your friends and loved ones in this time is normal. Hence gift them a lamp which lights up when either one of you touch it, this will let your loved one know that you are missing them.


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