Japan Rolls Out New E-Visa For UAE – Here’s A Guide On How To Apply Online

Japan has just made it immensely easier for those looking to vacation on their plethora of islands. You can now enjoy a hassle-free journey to Japan by securing your visit visa online – a total game-changer for all UAE residents. The once intricate process has undergone a remarkable transformation, making it simpler and more accessible. Here are all the latest details you should know about this.

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Say Goodbye To Consulates: Online Applications Now Open

Previously, obtaining a short-term visa to explore Japan’s wonders involved a trip to the consulate-general in Dubai or the embassy in Abu Dhabi. Now, breaking the chains of tradition, UAE residents, both locals and expats, can conveniently apply for a Japanese eVisa through a dedicated website.

Get Your Visa In Just Five Days!

The digital era has ushered in efficiency, and now, from the comfort of your home, you can initiate the visa process. Expect to hold your approved eVisa within a mere five working days of your application. The days of embassy queues and prolonged waits are now a thing of the past.

A Step-by-Step Guide To Applying Online

Here’s your personalised roadmap to a paperless process:

  1. Visit the Hub: Head over to https://www.evisa.mofa.go.jp.
  2. Digital Confirmation: Once you’ve successfully submitted your application, anticipate the arrival of a digital confirmation visa.
  3. Seamless Entry: Upon reaching Japan, breeze through immigration by logging in to the dedicated website. No need for printouts or screenshots – your eVisa speaks for itself.

For additional insights into the online application process, explore the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website.

So, How Much Will It Set You Back?

Wondering is this evisa will leave a dent in your wallet? Don’t worry! The eVisa comes with a general flat fee of AED 80. However, if you’re from India, your visa will cost as little as AED 20 – less than a delightful portion of sushi. Whereas, nationals from Australia, Canada, and the United States enjoy the privilege of a fee waiver.

Settling Outstanding Fees Before Your Travel

While the visa application process is now seamless, remember that any outstanding fees must be settled in person. Visit either the Japanese consulate in Dubai or the Japanese embassy in Abu Dhabi to wrap up the process and ensure a smooth journey ahead.

Embark on your Japanese adventure with confidence – the eVisa has opened doors to a seamless and straightforward travel experience!

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