It’s Time For A Scrolling Break As TikTok Introduces New Screentime Tool

Credits: Pixabay

Do you mindless scroll through TikTok at times? Or someone in your house does and you are just tired of it? The video-sharing company TikTok will launch two new practical tools as part of its digital wellbeing mission to make it easier for its growing community of users to control the time they spend on the entertainment platform. Users will be able to take regular screen breaks using the new features, allowing them to maintain complete control over their TikTok experience.


A new screen-time dashboard will provide data on how much time TikTok’s creative community spends on the platform, including daily usage summaries and the number of times they opened the app. Users can also choose to receive weekly reminders to check their dashboard and keep track of how much time they spend in one sitting. TikTok users will be reminded to take a break after a particular length of uninterrupted screen time, which they can choose according to their preferences.

For younger users, TikTok will also give weekly digital well-being prompts. When users aged 13 to 17 spend more than 100 minutes on the app in a single day, TikTok will send a reminder the next time they visit the app to activate the screen time limit tool. The company hopes that releasing the new screen time management tools would inspire its users to think about their digital habits.