How To Keep Your Mental Health In Check

Mental health has become a great deal this year. This year people are struggling from issues which they didn’t even know about. Stress, anxiety, panic attacks have just become so common. So this article will talk about small things that everyone can do to keep their mental health in check.


“It’s good to think of meditation as a gym for your brain,” Dr. Krystina Patton, a psychotherapist who specializes in integrative mental health treatment. “If you think of your brain as a muscle that you use in literally everything you do, it’s good to spend a little time working on it every day.”

Meditation can be of several types, concentrating on your breath or deep breathing is a form of meditation. Closing your eyes and just noticing everything is a form of meditation. Meditation can slow your hearth rate thus making you calmer.

“It gives us the ability to see our thoughts more clearly and to have more agency over our emotional states, rather than being hijacked by them,” said Patton.

Practicing any art:

Everybody has a creative side, it can be drawing, sketching, writing, designing, anything. Art and creativity stimulates a different side of your brain and gives your brain a slight change from normal work life. If you are good at problem solving, go ahead and do some crossword puzzles or solve some math problems. If not everyday, you can give this activity a chance on the weekends.

Balancing work and life:

Allot different rooms of your house for different things. For example try not working in your bedroom, keep it for what it is made, sleeping. This is like preparing your brain, when you will enter your bedroom, your brain will know it’s time to rest and nothing else.


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