How To Cope Up With Festive Loneliness?

Human beings are not supposed to be alone during festivals. When we hear the the word ‘festival’ we are instantly reminded of ‘food’ ‘fun’ ‘laughter’ and most importantly ‘people’. But this year is not like other years. Staying aloof is the new normal this time. Staying alone during holidays and festivals effects our mental health in many ways. “Mental health in general has been globally affected due to Covid. For those who cannot spend the holidays as they usually do with loved ones, or those of us who have experienced a Covid-related loss, things could feel more raw around this time,” said psychotherapist Arpita Bohra.

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What to do about it?

Don’t try to suppress your feelings. Festivals are there to take a break, laugh a little, enjoy a little, it is okay to feel lonely. Acknowledge your feelings and see what you can do about it. “Moving away from how we are “supposed to” feel to accepting how we really feel can take some of the pressure off and make us feel lighter. Reducing the pressure to resemble the “ideal” holiday can sometimes also allow space for new standards to develop! Stay away from social media content that brings you down,” said clinical psychologist Ila Kulsreshtha.

Try a new routine on the day of festival. Try cooking something new or doing something else out of the ordinary. This will add some excitement to that day and uplift your mood a bit. Organize an online party with your friends and family. Ask everyone to dress up in good clothes and talk about how everyone is spending their day. You can try playing some online games for a change.

But above all remember to be kind to yourself and to others. Help whoever you can and while keeping a check on yourself as well. We are all in this together, and this shall pass as well.

Happy Festivities!


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