How Often Should You Clean Your Puffer Jackets & Overcoats During The Pandemic?

Overcoats and puffer jackets are a winter special. Usually, we clean these things almost twice in a season, but this time the winter season is not like anything before. The pandemic is going on during the winter season. Well, one common question that comes to everyone’s one’s mind is how often should I clean my overcoats and puffer jackets? Let’s see:

Washing your coats every time you go out is not possible. “If a person visits a public space (hospital, retail, grocery store or office), the highest risk of exposure is from droplet transmission of the virus”. “If there is concern that an outer garment has been contaminated, a person can remove the garment and hang it separately or can wash the garment, following careful hand-washing after touching the garment to avoid any other contamination or infection,” said Lucy Wilson, a professor in the department of emergency health services at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Germs and bacteria will stay where you leave them and denature over time, hence your coat will be good to go the next time you need to wear it.

Another solution to this problem is buying a sanitising spray for clothes. These sprays are gentle yet effective on clothes. You can use them every time you come home from outside. The pandemic has been hard on everyone, we must not lose hope and keep fighting, together!


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