How Much Sleep Do You Actually Need?

A good night’s sleep is associated with good mental and physical health. Low immune system, bad mood, health risks like high blood pressure and diabetes are all a few things that can happen to you if you don’t sleep enough. A continuous and undisturbed sleep of about seven to nine hours per day is considered to be an adequate amount of sleep. Though there are some other factors as well:

Some people require more sleep: 

Oversleeping means where you need more than nine or ten hours of sleep per day. Oversleeping can be directly associated with diseases like dementia, stroke, obesity, heart diseases, etc. Well, should you be worried if you sleep a lot? If you wake refreshed and full of energy then no. Some people are naturally wired to sleep more. They require nine to ten hours of sleep to function properly.

“It’s important to remember that not everyone’s ‘too much sleep’ is the same,” said sleep psychologist Jade Wu, a researcher at the Duke University School of Medicine. “And sleep needs change over the lifetime. For example, a teenager or young adult may very well need nine or more hours per night, whereas a retiree likely doesn’t.”

Factors like age and occupation: 

Young adults and teenager need more sleep than adults. It is completely normal for a teenager or young adult to sleep for nine hours a day. While someone who does a lot of physical work, or is an athlete or something might require more sleep as well. Above all, if you feel you are sleeping a lot then it is best to mention it to your doctor.


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