Are You Lucky Enough To Roll A 6 And Win A Free Meal At This New Dubai Restaurant?

Dubai’s culinary scene just got a whole lot more exciting with the grand opening of Korma Sutra. Spanning across two floors, this vibrant international multi-cuisine restaurant beckons Dubai residents to immerse themselves in a world of exquisite interiors, global culinary wonders, live music, and shisha. And to celebrate their grand opening, they want to play a fun little game with you, where if you win, you’ll get your entire bill on the house. Sounds like a risk you’re willing to take? Come with me as I tell you all the details about the new Dubai restaurant.

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From Dream To Reality

Founded by musician and entrepreneur Rahul Sharma, Korma Sutra was created to be more than just a restaurant; it also serves as a platform for local artists to shine. Rahul, with a background steeped in musical heritage, brings his passion for both food and music to life, offering a stage for local talents to showcase their artistry.

Artistic Interiors

Step inside Korma Sutra, and you’ll find the interior to be an artistic expression of freedom and a vibrant lifestyle. Neon-lit artwork inspired by a rainforest theme, coupled with a dark ambience, invites patrons to unwind, savour tempting dishes, and enjoy live bands from across the globe. With a capacity of 55 guests on the ground floor and 70 on the first floor, there’s room for everyone to join the celebration.

A Culinary Symphony At Korma Sutra

At the helm of the culinary experience is Chef Ramesh Bhatt, boasting 18 years of expertise in the UAE market. The international menu curated by Chef Bhatt caters to diverse palates, featuring tantalizing starters like Batata Harra, Avocado Toast, and Dynamite Shrimp alongside gourmet delights such as Grilled Salmon, Lamb Chops, Turkish Barbecues, Tacos, Pizzas, Pasta, and more.

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For the dessert enthusiasts in the house, Korma Sutra offers a haven with treats like Turtle Cheesecake, Chocolate Fondant, Saffron Milk Cake, and a fresh fruit platter. Complementing the dining experience is a beverage menu featuring a range of mocktails, including Adams Apple, Atro, Grasshopper Melon Splash, Cold Ice Teas, Frozen Coffees, Fresh Juices, and more.

The Perfect Harmony: Live Music & Shisha

To elevate the overall atmosphere, Korma Sutra pairs live music with classic, signature, and Russian shisha flavours, creating a sensory symphony that resonates through the air.

Roll The Dice, Eat For Free!

Now here’s the part I know you’ve all been waiting to read, and yes, I did save the best for last. Now that you know all the delicious dishes you can savour, it’s time for you to know how you can win big here. The game is simple, really – roll a dice, and if you land on a 6, you win a free meal. And the best part is there is no catch, you’re entire bill will be on the house no matter the amount. This is Korma Sutra’s way of celebrating the opening of their new restaurant with you!

So, do you think you have the luck it takes to roll a 6 on a single turn? If you’re willing to take the chance, then head down to Korma Sutra Restaurant and Café in Al Barsha 2. Open daily from 12 PM–12 AM, and for reservations, you can contact them at 058 550 7865.

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