Here’s How Much Asymptomatic People Spread The Virus

The coronavirus can affect you in multiple ways. It can weaken your immunity and then because of the virus, you can catch other things. It is a common myth pertaining to this virus, that only symptomatic people are the ones which spread it, actually no. A study shows that about 50% of the transmissions are because of asymptomatic people.

This research was conducted by a group of researchers along with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which proves that majority of the virus transmissions are from silent carriers. Hence it very difficult to curb the spread of the virus, because majority of the carriers think that they are no ill.

There is a thing called pre-symptomatic, which means that people develop symptoms before they actually get ill. Hence when they are actually ill, they don’t even know it and unknowingly they transfer it to a lot others. The only solution to this problem given by the group of researchers is, “strategic testing of people who are not ill.”

Basically, testing the people who have been around or have been exposed to the virus. “It’s really hard to know for sure what is happening without really good contact tracing,” said Eili Klein, an associate professor in the department of emergency medicine with Johns Hopkins University. “But I think there’s enough well-documented cases of people who are asymptomatic, transmitting to lots of people, to say that it probably plays a big role in this process.”


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