Dubai Shopping Festival Comes Up With A Dance TikTok Challenge!

Dubai Shopping Festival always arrives with new surprises. Massive sales, family fun and concerts are just some of the things that the Dubai Shopping Festival has for its audience. But this year is going to be different, for its 26th season, Dubai Shopping Festival has launched an original dance and song dedicated to Dubai, called Ya Salam Ya Dubai.

Ya Salam Ya Dubai, means ‘greetings Dubai’. To make things more fun, there is a TikTok challenge based on this movement! Follow the rules mentioned below to enter into the TikTok challenge:

• Watch the video below to master the steps:

• Record yourself in and around Dubai performing the choreography of Ya Salam Ya Dubai.

• Make sure to follow all the hygiene guidelines like social distancing rules and wearing a mask if you’re more than one person (families do not need to wear masks if they are filming their video inside their house).

• Tag family, friends, neighbors, colleagues or anyone you want, and invite them to join the TikTok challenge.

• If you don’t have a TikTok account, you can post your videos on Instagram and use hashtags such as #DiscoverDubai, #DSFsocial, #YaSalamYaDubai and #MyDSF.


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