Everything You Can Do At COP28 In Expo City

UAE has been buzzing with excitement since November 2021, when we first found out that Dubai will be hosting COP28, and the glorious day has finally come. The 13-day-long conference commences today and will continue until December 12 and will be held at Expo City Dubai. So , with that in mind here is everything you can do in Expo City during this 2 two-week conference.

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How To Be Part Of The COP28 Action

If you want to see all the action happen in person, here is what you need to know: COP28 features 2 zones – The Blue Zone and the Green Zone. The Blue zone is a UNFCCC-managed site, open to accredited delegates only. However, the Green zone is your golden opportunity to be part of the action as its open to the entire public. You can get your Green Zone passes here. Access for the Green Zone only start from the 3rd of December, as the initial few days of COP28 are designated for world leaders to make announcements on ‘tackling potent methane emissions from oil and gas, making farming and food production more sustainable and tripling renewable energy capacity’.

COP28 Officially Starts In Dubai Today - Here's everything You Can Do In Expo City During This Time

Getting To Know COP28

Before we start exploring all the things to do in Expo City, let me tell you the lowdown of what COP28 is so that you can get the bigger picture. COP28, also known as the Conference of Parties, held by the United Nations. This year marks its 28th meeting, discussing the various topics of the climate crisis, sustainability, global solutions and much more. COP28 is expected to have over 70,000 attendees this year, which could make this conference the most attended one to date. You can expect the likes of international dignitaries, delegates, influential personnel, ministers and more to be in attendance during this conference.

What Can You Do In Expo City During COP28?

So now, if you’re wondering what you can do and where you can go in Expo City with your Green Zone pass, let me tell you. Oh, and did I mention that entry for all these pavilions is entirely free? Because they are!

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Alif – The Mobility Pavilion

Designed by the renowned Foster+Partners, Alif is a journey through time, showcasing technological marvels and our interconnectedness. Picture nine-meter-tall statues of ancient Arabic scholars and a mind-bending installation of an astronaut floating in space. And it even houses the world’s largest elevator?

Garden In The Sky

Step into the future with the Garden in the Sky, a creation by the brilliant Asif Khan. This 55-meter tall open-air landscaped lift promises a 360-degree view of Expo 2020 Dubai. Whether you enter from the ground or basement level, you’re in for a treat. Picture cabins that rotate as they descend, giving you a unique experience every time. And the ‘garden’ at the top? It’s a green paradise with native trees and plants adapting to the arid climate.

Women’s Pavilion: Celebrating Women Who Shape History

Head to the Sustainability District and find yourself on Ghaf Avenue at the Women’s Pavilion. It’s a tribute to the triumphs of women throughout history. Immerse yourself in inspiring installations, learn from their incredible stories, and discover the dynamic women shaping our future. It’s not just a pavilion; it’s a celebration of empowerment.

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Terra – The Sustainability Pavilion

Prepare to be amazed by Terra, the Sustainability Pavilion. Inspired by traditional Arab courtyards and nature’s processes, this Grimshaw architects’ masterpiece generates its energy and water. With a canopy covered in 6,000 sqm of photovoltaic cells harnessing the Dubai sun, it’s a powerhouse of sustainability. The pavilion’s garden, sourced from surrounding deserts, and a massive 6,000 sqm exhibition space make it a perfect spot to celebrate COP28.

Surreal: Waves, Fire & Pure Magic

For a surreal experience, check out the monumental water feature at Expo 2020 Dubai. Even COP28 visitors can enjoy the gigantic waves cascading down 13-meter-high curved walls into a central fire pit. Powered by pure hydrogen, the flames produce zero carbon. Envisioned by California-based WET Design studio, this high-tech marvel synchronises the larger-than-life waves with music. It’s not just a water feature; it’s a spectacle that adds pure magic to your COP28 journey.

There you have it, now you are completely equipped with all the information you need to know in order to have the best COP28 experience ever. We all can’t wait to see all the amazing outcomes from this conference and how our world leaders plan on bettering the Earth.

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