#GulfBuzzRecommends: 5 Unique Indoor Activities You Need To Try!

Don’t let the days of summer or heavy rains pass by you while you sit at home watching tv or endlessly scrolling through your phone. Dubai is action-packed during the summer, and today we’re sharing our top 5 indoor activities that you simply cannot skip out on!

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1. Glow In The Dark Neon Badminton At Yonex Pioneers Badminton Hub

Yonex, Pioneers badminton hub, is Dubai’s first-ever neon badminton court, located in Al Qouz. Neon badminton is a concept that means you can play the fun sport wholly immersed in darkness that is then illuminated by glow-in-the-dark technology. Players are encouraged to wear more light coloured clothes such as white to enhance the neon experience for them. The  Pioneers badminton hub has four courts that can accommodate up to four people at a time. This game is fun for people of all ages, regardless of your level of experience you are guaranteed to enjoy your time playing in the dark. Open only on Fridays and Saturdays, entry fee is AED 150 per person. Stay indoor while still enjoying the summer spirt with this amazing new experience in Dubai. We here at Gulf Buzz checked it out ourselves at it was an incredible time for the whole team.

#GulfBuzzRecommends: 5 Unique Indoor Activities You Need To Try During Summer

Neon Badminton Quick Details
Location: Yonex Pioneers Badminton Hub, 22nd St – Al Quoz – Al Quoz Industrial Area 3 – Dubai
Timings: Open daily from 6 AM–12 AM (neon badminton is only available on Friday & Saturday)
Contact: +971 55 287 1234
To book a session click here

2. Go Camping In The Rainforest At Green Planet

Until September 29th, every Friday and Saturday, The Green Planet welcomes you to join their exceptional experience, which serves as a testament to their dedication to raising awareness about nature conservation and enlightening visitors about the marvels of our planet. Your rainforest camping adventure commences at 7 PM, enveloping you in the captivating allure of The Green Planet’s comfortable tents, nestled deep within the heart of the tropical biodome. The rainforest’s knowledgeable staff will entertain explorers of all ages with games, family-friendly activities, and captivating night tours, showcasing the awe-inspiring nocturnal creatures that call this biodome home. This is definitely one activity you cannot skip out on.

#GulfBuzzRecommends: 5 Unique Indoor Activities You Need To Try During Summer

Camping In The Forest Quick Deets:
What: Camping in the Rainforest
When: 2 June – 29 September
Time: Friday – Saturday
Reservations: Advance bookings commences 18 May and can be made here

3. Dive With Sharks At The Lost Chambers In Atlantis

Dive Discovery, Predator Dive, and Dive Explorer – Prepare for an extraordinary underwater adventure with scuba diving programs at the Ambassador Lagoon, the UAE’s largest open-air aquarium. Embark on a shark-themed trail, swimming alongside various shark species, discovering mermaid purses (shark’s eggs), and perhaps even uncovering a precious shark tooth to take home. Each participant will receive a complimentary shark t-shirt as a memento of this incredible experience.

To reserve an educational program at The Lost Chambers Aquarium during Shark Week and contribute to local marine conservation initiatives, visit www.atlantis.com.

4. Tuft Your Rug At Mofun Studios

Mofun Studios Arts & Crafts DIY is Dubai’s latest addition to its creative art scene. The new studio opened early this year and has already made much noise around the city. Offering a wide selection of activities, such as paint-by-number canvases, mosaic art, button badge creation, creating fuse beads and many more amazing things. Prepare for your day to be spent at Mofun Studios because if you have chosen an activity such as rug tufting, you’re in for a long ride. Although it is definitely a timely activity, it was an incredible experience. And not only is it super fun to learn and make yourself it can also be the sweetest, most personalised gift you could make for a loved one. They have a wide selection of designs to choose from, allowing you to find something that is just the perfect fit. We had such a great time doing this, and would definitely recommend this activity if you’re someone who’s looking to learn a new skill this summer.

Dubai's Latest Art Studio Lets You Tuft Your Own Rugs And Customise Your Own Acrylic Paint Pour Bear

Mofun Studios Quick Deets
Location: 623 Jumeirah St – Umm Suqeim 1 – Dubai
Timings: Open daily from 11 AM–8 PM (closed on Mondays)
Contact: +971 50 376 9528

5. Yoga With Puppies At The Stray Dog Centre

Yoga sessions with puppies from the Dubai Stray Dog Centre are an absolute delight for both the heart and soul. As the gentle melodies of serene music fill the air, tiny paws prance around, bringing boundless joy to the practice. The puppies, with their curious eyes and wagging tails, provide a touch of innocence and pure bliss to each stretch and pose. Their playful energy serves as a reminder to embrace the present moment and find happiness in the simplest of things. The experience of doing yoga alongside these adorable companions is a harmonious blend of relaxation and unconditional love, leaving a lasting imprint of warmth and tranquility on the soul. And if you completely fall in love with a puppy while you are there, all the digs are up for adoption!

Stray Dog Centre Puppy Yoga Quick Deets
Location: Al Surrah – E55 – Al Serra – Umm Al Quawain
Timings: Open daily from 10:14 AM–6:14 PM
Contact: 06 579 5997

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