GITEX Inaugurates The Concept Of Flying Cars!

GITEX, the biggest tech fest is happening right now at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Over 60 countries along with 1200 exhibitors are taking part in this huge tech fest. Since it is the 40th anniversary of GITEX this year, it has something big in store for us. Uber and Hyundai have introduced a flying car concept for public transport.

HH Sheikh Hamdan visited Etisalat pavilion to inaugurate the event. Everybody at the event followed all hygiene guidelines, including wearing masks and social distancing among themselves. These flying cars literally look like a high tech jet or submarine!

These cars are equipped with the latest tech available out there to ensure the safety of both the passenger and the driver. It is equipped with a technology where it actually verifies if both the driver and passenger are wearing masks or not, following social distancing and other precautionary guidelines.

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