Get Ready To Experience Man vs Wild In Jebel Jais!

Man vs Wild on the discovery channel is one of the most exciting and thrilling TV shows of all time. It’s host Bear Grylls, puts himself out there in the wild and tries to survive to the fullest. Well, now you can do that too! A Bear Grylls-certified survival course is about to open soon in Jebel Jais!

This unique outdoor living experience was launched last September. Initially, it had nine redesigned and recycled cabins. Cabins are equipped with toilet paper, plates, barbecue tools, bowls, mugs, cutlery, etc. Shops on the site sell quite a lot of snacks and firewood. Each accommodation has enough room for three people (two adults and one child), plus the camp is dog friendly.

Once you are comfortable, you will have an option to take part in survival courses executed by UK professionals trained at the Bear Grylls Survival Academy. You can choose your experience of three options, 24-hour option, eight hours and three to fours options. You will be exposed to extreme conditions and terrains, to test your survival skills to the fullest!


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