Schengen Visa Fees To Increase By More Than 10% From June 2024

For those of you who already have the picture-perfect Europe Summer 2024 laid out in your head but haven’t started any of the planning parts yet, this news is for you. Unfortunately, starting from June 2024 the fees for obtaining a Schengen visa are going to majorly increase. The official announcement was made by VFS Global on May 22nd. So, if this affects any of your travel plans this year, then keep reading to find out the higher prices you’ll have to pay for your shiny new Schengen visa.

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What Are The New Visa Fees

From June 11, 2024, the cost of a Schengen visa will rise by 12.5%. This means adults will now pay 90 Euros (AED 358) instead of 80 Euros (AED 319), and for children, the fee will increase from 40 Euros (AED 159) to 45 Euros (AED 179).

Why the Increase?

The European Commission explained that this hike is due to inflation and changes in the salaries of civil servants across EU countries. This decision came after a thorough analysis of the general inflation rate and salary trends from July 2020 to July 2023. They concluded that a 12.5% increase was necessary to keep up with these economic changes.

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A Regular Review

Every three years, the EU reviews the visa fees to ensure they reflect current economic conditions. The last increase was in February 2020, when fees went up from 60 Euros (AED 239) to 80 Euros (AED 319). The Schengen Area, which includes 29 countries, covers most of mainland Europe, making this visa essential for travellers.

It’s Never A Bad Idea To Start Planning Early

With less than 20 days left until the new prices come out, maybe this serves as a lesson for us all that sometimes planning early can be a good thing. So, now that you know about the new prices, you can stay prepared and plan your holiday budget accordingly. Happy travels, everyone!

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