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From January 15th To 18th, UAE People Can Expect Thunder, Lightning & Rainfall

Credits: Pixabay

The National Center of Meteorology has forecast cloudy and rainy weather for UAE residents from Saturday, January 15 to Tuesday, January 18, with cloud cover diminishing on Wednesday. According to the NCM: “[The weather will be] dusty and partly cloudy, gradually becoming cloudy in the afternoon and evening, especially on some eastern and northern regions, islands and the sea, with a chance of rain.”

The weather bureau forecast added: “The weather will be cloudy over scattered areas of the country, associated with convective clouds, accompanied by rainfall with intervals, lightning and thunder at times, especially over some eastern and northern areas, and extending over some western areas, coast and island.”

Explaining the weather pattern, an NCM official said: “The country will be affected by the extension of surface low pressure from the southwest, accompanied by moist easterly winds with an upper air trough extending from the west. This will be accompanied by a cold air mass, and the flow of clouds from the Red sea towards the country with rainy convective clouds.”

The NCM monitors cloud cover over the UAE regularly for cloud seeding to increase rainfall. On Wednesday, the number of clouds will gradually decrease as the temperature drops.

Moderate to strong winds are expected at times during this time, especially when convective clouds form. This will result in blowing sand and dust, as well as reduced horizontal visibility.