From Being The Epicentre Of COVID-19, Wuhan Now Omits All social Distancing Rules

While the entire world is still suffering or experience a second wave of the coronavirus and adhering to social distancing, Wuhan which was the epic centre of the virus has now been seen the epic centre of zero social distancing. The COVID cases have worldwide has crossed 22 million and still counting.  

According to social media to pictures on social media last weekend a techno music macro party took place at a water park in Wuhan where thousands of Chinese are seen following zero social distancing. The party took place at the Wuhan Maya Beach water park and no one at the park was seen wearing a mask or followed any social distancing. It offered price discounts for female visitors and is said that it operated at 50 per cent attendance of normal capacity but the social distance norms were not followed. 

Don’t believe us here is a video from the front stage of the concert where people are seeing waving to the artist. 


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