6 Unusual Ways To Make Your Birthday Special!

Some countries are still grappling with the effects of the first wave of Coronavirus while others are functioning amidst the fear of a second wave. If you happen to have your birthday soon and since you can’t go out partying, here are six unusual ways to make your day special!

1. Make a music video

Yes, you’ve read it right. Just think back in time and pick an upbeat song that you’ve loved the most so far. Dance to it and let your inner diva show. Or simply put your front camera on and record yourself and your friends and your family and even your dog singing the song out loud. It will turn out fantastic after the edit, trust us!


2. Write a letter to your future self

Take a pen and a paper and go for it! Write down all your current feelings, your hopes and future dreams. Seal it and hide it away for the next 10 years. Open it when you’re 10 years older and it’ll be pure magic to hear your younger self.


3. Visit an orphanage or an old age home

This one comes with a very strict warning of being cautious about the virus. If you’re in a place where lockdown has eased and the virus is on its way out, you can head to an orphanage or an old age home to spend time with them. Make their day special along with yours.

4. Make it a spa day

Since partying is not an option currently, why don’t you take the time and relax your body and mind. Head to the spa and indulge in this relaxing activity. Forget the worries of the world and let your day be a fresh start to your new year.


5. Wine and paint

Bring out your brushes, colours and canvas. Doesn’t matter if you are good at it or no. Just start painting on the blank canvas and keep sipping your wine or chugging your beer. The more booze goes in, the more creative and surprising the painting shall turn out to be!

6. Donate Blood, Resources or Money

If it is safe to go to a blood bank, go and donate some of your blood. Look for organisations that are doing good work that resonates with you and make a contribution, doesn’t matter even if it is very little. Or just raid your closet and make a pile of clothes or shoes or bags that you no longer use. Handover the pile to someone in need!



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