Experts Prediction On New COVID-19 Variants

Experts are still studying and analysing how the virus evolves and mutates. Though it is very difficult to predict what the new mutation will be like one thing is for sure it will be more transmissible. According to Nathan Grubaugh, an evolutionary virologist and associate professor of epidemiology at the Yale School of Public Health, the virus mutates about one or two times a month. But the variants that cause the most havoc mutate much more and much quicker. For example, the Alpha variant didn’t mutate once or twice, it took up about 17 mutations.

One thing experts believe for sure is that new variants emerge from people who are not vaccinated. Well, the good news is that not all variants are of concern. Many times a variant is not so fit and hence it dies before making a mess. Yes, the virus evolves but it doesn’t mean it reaches the point of concern. Experts from everywhere emphasise vaccination. Any variant be it harmful or not affects less to the ones who are vaccinated.

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