Enjoy National Potato Day With These 6 Food Places In The UAE

Happy National Potato Day! Today Thursday, August 19th, is National Potato Day. Be it with our vegetables or with meat, we enjoy all potatoes in every form. From mash potatoes to french fries, potatoes never fail to make us happy! So here are some amazing deals across the UAE for National Potato Day:

India Bistro: 

Golden brown and crispy on the outside and soft and spicy on the inside Punjabi Samosas taste as good as they look. The traditional Punjabi Samosa is large and its filling is mainly made up of potatoes and peas. Visit the modern Indian restaurant, India Bistro, to relish this all-time favourite delicacy prepared using the most authentic recipe. Served in a chic platter, four pieces of Punjabi samosas are priced at AED 15 only. Don’t forget to pair your dish with a hot cuppa when at India Bistro.

Dhaba Lane:

Another potato favourite flaky dish on the radar is Aloo Kulcha (Stuffed potato flatbread). Dhaba Lane in Karama and Al Garhoud is known for serving authentic Dhaba (Roadside shacks on highways) dishes in Dubai serves Aloo kulchas which are crisp as well as soft leavened flatbreads stuffed with a spiced potato stuffing. A very popular and tasty flatbread recipe from North Indian cuisine, Kulcha is very popular in Delhi and the state of Punjab in India. Priced at AED 10. 


When it comes to potatoes, nothing can beat the favourite Mumbai street food, Vada Pao. A spicy potato patty smooshed into a soft Bombay bun and slathered with homemade chutneys, what’s not to love? Visit the gourmet Indian slider joint O’Pao in Karma to relish the classic dish the O’Vada Pao at a bargain price of AED 7. Wanting to add more fun to the dish, they also serve the Cheese Vada Pao stuffed with gooey molten mozzarella and topped with cheddar.


Known for serving delicacies from India and Pakistan, Sthan located in Karama serves a special south Indian Potato dish: Gunpowder Potatoes. Tossed in a special homemade South Indian spice mix, the baby popes are incredibly flavorful and make up for a perfect evening snack alongside a hot cup of tea. Priced at AED 27.

India Palace: 

India Palace at 12 locations across the UAE  serves a curry that’s every vegetarian’s delight. Spiced with ginger, chilli and coriander,  Aloo Mutter Gobhi Curry tastes the best when scooped in a Naan’s (Indian flatbread) bite and relished. Priced at AED 26.

One Life Kitchen & Cafe:

Celebrate potato day with One Life Kitchen’s savoury snack: Fish Cakes for AED 28. A savory delicious mixture of Idaho potatoes, salmon and seabass handmade into a spectacular savoury snack.

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