Emirates Reveals Their Brand New Premium Economy Class

Dubai’s Emirates is one of the leading travelling airlines in the world. It is known for class, elegancy and comfort. Hence the Dubai’s Emirates have decided to take all these things up a notch. They revealed their brand new premium economy cabin.

There are about 56 seats in the new premium economy class each of which are 19.5 inches wide and recline for about 8 inches. These seats are stretched in a two-four-two cabin layout. Along with all these features, each seat is equipped to keep you entertained on the journey. A 13.3 inch screen filled with movies from all around the world will be just in front of you! A side for drinks, in seat charging points for your devices and a dining table are just one of the many features this new class has!

“The Emirates A380 is already one of the most sought-after travel experiences in the skies, and now we’ve made it even better. While others cut back, Emirates is working hard to restore the products and services that we’ve had to suspend or adjust due to pandemic precautions and introduce new offerings and enhancements.

True to our fly better promise, Emirates continues to invest to offer our customers the best possible experience,” said Sir Tim Clark, President of Emirates.

The Emirates is about to launch its new A380 aircraft bus, in which they will soon include and further enhance the premium economy class. The First Class in this new air bus will have slightly taller and wider doors, which in turn will provide more comfort and privacy. Those who will travel on this brand new A380 air bus, will also notice design touches featuring Ghaf (which is an evergreen plant native to the United Arab Emirates) around the aircraft.

Visit www.emirates.com for more info.


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