Dubai Now Has A Floating Football Pitch In The Middle Of The Arabian Gulf

Is there anything that the UAE is not capable of? From all year round ski resorts, to a snow rink to the tallest buildings in the world – Dubai has everything. To add another feather to its cap, Dubai now has a floating football pitch right in the middle of the Gulf. From the stadium to the sea, this is the first of its kind floating pitch.

Global sports brand PUMA collaborated with Dubai Sports Council to create a unique floating football pitch off the shore of iconic Palm Jumeirah.

Puma Middle East’s ‘Fearless Arena’ is absolutely free of charge for five-a-side game. Book your slot here for one-hour slots until Sunday, November 27 from 8am to 10pm. I’ve got to admit, football against the breathtaking Dubai skyline and beautiful beach does sound interesting.

Usain Bolt was there for the inaugural of the floating football field. A little warning to the players though, Bolt’s tweet suggests that it could get a tad bit hot.

The Fearless Arena Details:

Address: The Fearless Arena is located on the water at Club Vista Mare, 447R+Q92 – The Palm Jumeirah – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Timings: Until Sunday, November 27 from 8am to 10pm
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You can now play football on Puma's new floating pitch in Dubai