Iconic Landmark Dubai Clocktower To Undergo 3 Month Renovation

Standing tall since 1964, the Dubai Clocktower in Deira has stood the test of time and seen all the marvels of Dubai as it flourished into the booming city it is today. A-Pillar of the community, I say. But now the Dubai Municipality has announced that our beloved clocktower roundabout will undergo renovation for three whole months. Here is everything we know and can expect to see from the Clocktower’s new yassification.

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What Should We Be Expecting To See?

Picture this: vibrant colours, dazzling lights, and a design that will make your jaw drop! The renovation aims to preserve the roundabout’s rich heritage while infusing it with a modern touch. Rumour has it that the clocktower will undergo a mesmerising transformation, with intricate mosaic patterns and shimmering gold accents that will make it the envy of clocks everywhere. This architectural gem is set to become a new must-visit spot and a favourite backdrop for selfies.

The Director General of the Dubai Municipality, Dawoud Al Hajri, has noted the authority has made development plans for all the prominent landmarks across Dubai. In a statement he said

“By maintaining Dubai’s historical and architectural landmarks, and safeguarding them for future generations, this project helps the municipality to achieve its objectives of implementing high-level, sustainable urban planning that will improve the city’s appeal”

This project has also been added to be work in line with the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan, as well as aiming to support sustainable development that meets Dubai’s development goals and plans.

But What About The Traffic, You Ask?

Fret not, my friends! The authorities have worked their magic to ensure a smooth flow of vehicles during the renovation period. Alternate routes and temporary traffic management plans will keep the city moving without a glitch. It’s all part of the grand plan to enhance not only the Clocktower roundabout but also the overall transportation experience in Dubai.

During these three months, everyone will have the opportunity to witness history in the making. Capture the progress with your camera, marvel at the dedication of the skilled workers, and share in the anticipation of the big reveal. This is a chance to be a part of Dubai’s story, to witness the transformation of a beloved landmark.

We should be expecting to see results by the end of summer. So, the clock is ticking, and Dubai’s iconic Clocktower roundabout is about to take centre stage in a whole new light. Get ready to be wowed, get ready to be amazed, and get ready to fall in love with the charm of this city all over again. Let the countdown begin!

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