Dubai Breaks Guinness World Record Again With Vertical-Launch Roller Coaster

Boy, we are on a roll – pun intended. The Storm Roller Coaster in Dubai now holds the Guinness World Record title for the World’s Fastest Vertical-Launch coaster ever. Read on to know all the details:

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The Storm Coaster At Dubai Hills Mall Is Now The Fastest

The Guinness World Records has officially announced that The Storm Coaster, in Dubai Hills Mall, is now the world’s fastest vertical-launch roller coaster with a a top vertical launch speed of 41 km per hour.

Okay, check this! “The Storm” has riders hurtling indoors along a 670-metre track that twists and turns throughout the building. Talk about a thrilling ride. I don’t know about you, but we would be just a wee bit terrified to try this.

The Emaar group shared the news on its Instagram page with a caption, “Our big secret is out! We are thrilled to announce that we have earned a Guinness World Record for being the World’s Fastest Vertical Launch Roller Coaster!”.

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The rollercoaster was formally inaugurated on February 17, 2022 & has been popular with thrill seekers ever since. What makes the rollercoaster so unique is its integration into a single structure within the building.

To add to the Guiness Record celebration, the Burj Khalifa also lit up with the news. The world’s fastest on the world’s tallest – pretty apt, no? They took to Instagram to sahre the news again saying, “Big news, big celebrations! #BurjKhalifa lights up the sky in celebration of The Storm Coaster winning the Guinness World Record for the World’s Fastest Vertical Launch Roller Coaster!”.

A representative from Emaar Entertainment Group said, “When we opened The Storm Coaster, we wanted to capture people’s attention with an incredible experience the likes of which had never been seen before – receiving a Guinness World Record is a huge endorsement of that. This truly is a unique, award-winning, attraction in the heart of one of Dubai’s newest malls.”

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