In Celebration Of HH Sheikh Mohammed’s Birthday Today, Here Are 7 Of His Quotes That Motivate Us

Today is a very special day as it’s our visionary leader, HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s 73rd birthday! The Vice President, Prime Minister Of UAE and Ruler Of Dubai has won hearts across the globe with his progressive leadership, knowledge and wisdom, and transforming Dubai into a leading tourism and business hub. Here’s a read at 7 of his quotes that motivate us to strive for greatness just like Sheikh Mohammed:

1. Leadership

“The word impossible is not in the leader’s dictionaries. No matter how big the challenges, strong faith, determination and resolve will overcome them.”

2. About The UAE

“Our pride stems from the fact that we are a country where everyone thrives equally regardless of their differences.”

3. His Highness’ Approach Towards Life

“It is such a beautiful life, but many people spend it worrying, burdened and frowning. You can easily see the beauty of life in the laughter of a child, the tenderness of a mother, the smile of a friend or the love of a compassionate wife.”

4. On Women’s Role In The Society

“Behind every great community stand great women, leading each generation and raising our families and nation higher.”

5. Importance Of Youth In Progession

“Our young country was built by the hands and achievements of youth. Youth is our strength and speed is our treasure for the future.”

6. His Highness’ Motivation For Achieving Success And Excellence

“The world waits for no one – those who do not learn and evolve can stumble and often fall.”

7. Wisdom For Every Entrepreneur

“Everybody starts small. We all begin life as a single cell. Every business starts as one person with an idea. How fast you go, how far you get, is in your hands. The bigger your vision, the bigger your achievement will be. Will you stumble on the way? Perhaps, but we cannot let fear keep us small. We have to be brave to be big.”