Dubai Airport Chief Says COVID-19 Testing At Airports Will End Soon

Credits: Pixabay

Covid-19 testing at airports throughout the world, according to Dubai Airports’ CEO, should come to an end soon. Most travellers have had to take Covid tests to fly since airports officially opened again during the outbreak. However, Dubai Airports’ chief executive, Paul Griffiths, believes that airport testing will soon be obsolete.

“Once the testing regime becomes history, which I think it will do shortly. What we believe will happen is there will be a strong recovery and we need governments to stop interfering with the common-sense health regulations that are now emerging in the wake of the response to the latest strains of the virus,” Mr Griffiths told CNN.

“I think we’ve got to get to live with it and we’ve got to be able to travel as part of that normalisation of the approach to the virus in the future. That’s when people will get their lives back and that’s when they will become mobile again.”

He was backed up by John Holland-Kaye, the chief executive of London Heathrow, who said the same thing earlier this week. “The aviation industry will only fully recover when these are all lifted and there is no risk that they will be reimposed at short notice, a situation which is likely to be years away,” Mr Holland-Kaye said.