CLUCKRS Has Introduced A New Tenda Lovin Meal & We Are Totally Loving It

Hatched by the creators of home-grown pizza brand, 800PIZZA®, CLUCKRS® is not from Kentucky, fried chicken joint, serving up all things crisp and golden. From crunch-tastic fried chicken and wings to tenders and poppin’ chicken – CLUCKRS® has branches across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 

They recently launched their new Chicken Tenders Sandwich called the Tenda Lovin Meal with 2 Little Cluckrs inside a bun, served with fries, a dip of your choice and a drink priced at AED 25. Upgrade to curly fries for an additional AED 1. The Tenda Lovin Meal is sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike.


Customers can indulge in a simple yet tasty menu featuring fresh ingredients and truly rustic flavours. Other menu highlights include crunchy Cluckrs chicken drumsticks, available in Original with a spicy batter and the non-spicy Easy, fried into a delicious crisp. Want to get a little sticky? The brand offers Smokey, chicken wings tossed in a light, barbeque sauce, and the Mother Cluckrs wings coated in their hot and tangy signature sauce.

Those looking for light bites can opt for the Little Cluckrs, which are crispy, flavourful chicken tenders, or the chicken Poppers, bite-sized golden nuggets perfect for snacking. For dessert, diners can enjoy the super sweet Lotus Biscoff Ice-cream Stick, an ice-cream stick glazed with Belgian chocolate and caramelized biscuit, or the New York, an amazingly velvety New York-style cheesecake with a soft crumbly crust.

For the ultimate chicken fiends, CLUCKRS® offers set meals where guests can have bites, Cluckrs or wings – or both – and a choice between desserts or drinks. A variety of dips are also available for all menu items. Customers can also avail 20% off their first 3 orders when ordering directly from the website.